ANEESD.com is the blog and site of Anees Dadabhay. It all started in 2008 when Anees began sharing his thoughts and views online regarding the latest technology and what interested him. A lot of viewers and followers were gained and because of this, we were able to begin working with brands and things took off from there.

ANEESD is now a marketing company and is run by a marketing and design team from AD Designz. We work with various brands and companies who provides us with products and services to test and review. As a team of tech and fashion enthusiasts, we make use of a lot of the tech and products that we cover in our daily workflows so we are able to provide authentic, accurate and useful feedback.

A company also owned by Anees allows us to constantly be around the latest and hottest sneakers and fashion products which is the reason why we’re able to cover them in our posts. We strongly believe in providing good, fair and honest opinions and reviews on the products that we use and promote in the hope to bring more attention to everything that we enjoy and love.

All the final thoughts, reviews and feedback are provided by Anees unless otherwise arranged.

If you’d like to work or collaborate with us, feel free to drop us a line and get in touch with us.