A Quick Look at the Sony WF-1000XM3 Earphones.

If you told me a 10 years ago that we’d be having truly wireless earphones or headphones which offered noise cancelation and sounded great, I probably would have had a good laugh. We’re now at that time and it is incredible. The rate of advancement in the world of wireless earphones and headphones over the last 3 years or so has been amazing.

For the past year, my headphones of choice have been the Sony WH-1000XM3. It offers the best noise cancellation experience, excellent sound, and some great features. And this is why I was so excited when Sony announced that they would be releasing a pair of earphones that would implement the same type of technology as their headphones.

Introducing the Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

I’ve been using these guys for just over 4 months now and they fit my needs perfectly. I’m on calls throughout the day with these earphones in the office, while driving, in public areas, etc and the experience is seamless. Audio is crystal clear and this is due to the awesome noise cancellation which allows you to have the volume much lower, while still being able to hear comfortably. Seriously, the noise cancellation is so good that sometimes I would have them on and not have anything playing just so I could concentrate when typing out an important email or doing some planning.

They come packed in this elegant and very well designed charging case which is unlike any other implementation that we’ve seen so far. The case is larger than AirPods but I either have them in my bag or a jacket pocket so it doesn’t really bother me. One of my favourite features of these earphones is the smartphone app that accompanies it. This makes the experience so much more enjoyable and customisable so it should suit a lot of people’s taste.

I’ll be dropping my full review soon so stay connected.

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