Galaxy Note 10 Plus Severe Battery Drain Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Top View Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has been my Android device of choice since its release. I’ve grown very fond of Samsung’s hardware and software experience over the last few years and it suits my usage just fine.

Sadly, over the last few weeks, my device has been experiencing some severe battery draining issues due to Wi-Fi Calling, which isn’t even active on the device. I’ve tried everything from completely resetting the device to uninstalling apps and there hasn’t been any luck.

This issue has been so bad that I can’t even get through just a few hours before the phone is completely drained. Over a full day, I’m having to charge this device at least 3 times which is really inconvenient and ridiculous considering that the performance used to be excellent.


As you can see in the image above, there’s been over 5 hours of Wi-Fi Calling background and 0 active hours which is baffling. Remember that this is the case even though W-Fi Calling is disabled. I’ve switched to a Google Pixel 4 in the meantime and even though the battery performance on this device isn’t very good, it still lasts longer than my Note. I’m really not sure what’s causing this issue but it’s really disappointing that I have to move away from the smartphone that I enjoy so much.

I use my Android smartphones alongside the latest iPhone, which in this case is the iPhone 11 Pro Max which delivers the best battery performance of a smartphone ever. So I’m getting two extremes with these two devices – One device lasts 2 days and the other has to be charged 3 times or more a day 😤. More on the amazing iPhone 11 Pro Max battery performance here.

I’ll wait until Samsung release a software update and then give it another go but currently, my dear Note 10 Plus will have a time-out.

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