Overall, for me, Apple’s AirPods are a great product. They are wireless earphones with some nifty little tricks and features which can make them very handy.

I know a lot of people who swear by their AirPods and won’t leave their homes without it and I think that its mainly because of the convenience it offers. If you’re an iPhone, iPad or MacBook owner, the AirPods are probably the best accessory you can purchase. Pairing, connecting and using the AirPods are seamless and it just works.

I mainly use my AirPods for phone calls because they absolutely shine in this regard. For someone who spends a lot of their day on the phone, the convenience of being able to pop either one or two of the earphones into your ears and seamlessly go about your business is so good. You only realise how good it actually is when you have to use your older pair or earphones or when they’re not around.

My only issue with AirPods has been the lack of wireless charging. Currently, I depend on wireless charging throughout the day. I have a wireless charging pad at my desk at work, at my desk at home and by my bedside. Again, it comes down to convenience which is exactly what wireless charging offers.

Apple initially announced that they would be releasing a wireless charging case for your AirPods but unfortunately, that product never released and no feedback was given by Apple since. So, I decided to find a solution to my main issue with the AirPods.

After testing out a few products, I decided to share the one that worked well and also had a good price. I chose the ELECTROLEATHER Wireless Charging Case.

So how does this product actually work? It’s basically just a case with a lightning connector built into it. Insert your AirPods into the case and once connected, the case will act as the receiver and charge the AirPods. That’s exactly how battery cases work for smartphones as well.

The case is made of PU leather so it gives off a classic look. It’s available in 3 colours – Red, Brown and Grey. I chose to go with the Red. A nice touch is that when your AirPods are in the case and its placed onto a wireless charger, the case itself features a LED indicator to let you know that something is happening.

AirPods aren’t cheap but by spending just a little more, you can add a very handy feature to your AirPods. The next generation of the AirPods should be announced soon and that new version should have wireless charging but with this solution, you won’t be missing out on a lot. There’s just something about the convenience that wireless charging brings and I hope that everyone who feels the same way as me can find this useful.

If you’re interested, use the link below to make your purchase on – They deliver worldwide, including South Africa.

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